Ways To Get Involved

The Comprehensive Medical Mentoring Program is always looking for additional support in several key areas. These include mentoring (in person and online) from medical students, resident physicians, and attending physicians, opportunities for clinical shadowing and volunteering, reviewing of personal statements, and guest speakers during program events.

We are also looking to create productive and meaningful dialogue on our CMMP Educational Forum. To do this effectively we are asking medical students, resident physicians, attending physicians, nurses, PhD’s, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, psychologists, clinical counselors, therapists, social workers, health administrators, and all other medical professionals to sign up and become active on the forum. By gaining additional forum members from varied backgrounds we can truly begin to see the value of an integrated healthcare system and the importance of diversity in the medical field.

CMMP forum members will demonstrate this by:

  • Posting informative medical content
  • Relaying professional opportunities and scholarship offerings to other members
  • Giving feedback to questions asked by students
  • Providing mentorship services from experience
  • Facilitating networking opportunities where possible

If you or someone you know might be interested in offering support in one or more of the above listed areas, or in some other way, please contact us via email at general-inbox@cmmpmed.org. We thank you for helping us in our mission and look forward to hearing from you.