George Washington University School of Medicine CLASS Center Tour

CMMP was able to provide students with a tour of  George Washington University School of Medicine’s CLASS (Clinical Learning and Simulation Skills) Center. During the tour they were able to experience realistic patient models, learn about various heart sounds, vital signs, procedures, and even practice their laparoscopic and colonoscopy skills!

One of our students who participated in the tour, Victoria Nguyen, a junior at Howard University, stated:

“The GWU Simulation Lab tour launched my dream into reality. Just by standing in GW’s Simulation Lab, I began to realize that my dream of becoming a physician since I was younger was no longer a world away. The realistic scenarios, the pulse of Harvey (the mannequin), the medical equipment — just seeing these in person created a memorable experience for me. Through this tour, I was able to glimpse how this school cleverly incorporates technological advancements into their curriculum in order to provide an avenue for students to safely apply the medical knowledge they have gained in the classroom setting”.

We look forward to hosting more tours of local medical school simulation labs for our students next semester in Washington, DC and in New Orleans, LA!